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BoA 보아 - “Only One” Music Video (Dance ver.)

BoA seems to always put out great videos…Love the choreography and the inclusion of so many “types” of back up dancers. She/ Her director knows how to keep it diverse. Breath of fresh air, in the mix with all the other stuff out there in the mainstream Korean music industry.

BTW, I thought I was done with SM entertainment with all the racist crap they pulled with HanGeng (the Chinese former member of Super Junior). I won’t even mention the dumb SNSD stunts and “faux pas”…I still like BoA, but will only support her to a certain extent under that label.

Why does Leeteuk look way older and more plastic every time I see him? :/

I NEED to see 2ne1 in concert/ live! 

One fav Kpop group down, 4 to go.

1. 2PM   

2. Super Junior

3. 2NE1

4. Big Bang

5. SHINee

…Then I’ll be satisfied…maybe. lol

Anonymous said: ok. i get it now. (。◕‿◕。) haha the part about eunhyuk's hair was funny and where does Siwon go on your list?


1. Yesung

2. Kyuhyun

3. Eunhyuk

4. Siwon

5. Kangin

6. Hangeng

7. Shindong

8. Kim Kibum

9. Sungmin

10. Leeteuk

11. Donghae

12. Heechul

13. Ryeowook

I don’t know if I’m comfortable with how the last 4 fell into place. lol  I can’t decide perfectly, so I will leave it alone.

I “love” how they put Heechul in the back because he can’t dance. :( , but lol…Eunhyuk’s hair = he got it right this time (NO MORE RED). Leeteuk gets “it” now, I see. Yesung is still my favorite!!! Well I like Eunhyuk when he is on stage. Heechul, Ryeowook, and Sungmin can be dismissed. I wouldn’t even miss ‘em…Lastly, I’m glad Shindong is back. :D && SIWWOOOONNNN! …I’m done now.

BEST PERFORMANCE I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!!!!! (Am I exaggerating?  Heck NO. lol)

LOVE LOVE LOVE <3  Eunhyuk’s hair…Leeteuk’s hair :)

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